Beginner's paleo baking


Below are some basics for you to consider when going down that gold old fashioned paleo baking road.


Beginners baking 101:

Rule #1. Never free style when a beginner…follow the recipe!

Rule #2. Don’t start baking at 11 o’clock at night.

Rule #3. Almond meal is NOT the same as coconut flour!! i repeat NOT THE SAME and cannot work as a substitute as equal parts.

Rule #4. Check to see if there are any strange spills in the oven before baking that may begin to burn and smoke during the process.

Rule #5. Learn how to turn the smoke alarm off.

Rule #6. Do not PANIC, yell, spin in circles or use profanity.

Rule #7. Washing the oven fire cover in the backyard with a hose apparently isn’t efficient enough.

Rule #8. If all of the above rules have been broken…do not attempt again in the same night. *If you do, there is a good chance you will nearly burn your house down and smoke your roommate out AGAIN!

Rule#9. Forgive yourself…try another night.

Sarah Field

Tim Brooks