Lets build this community!


Let’s face it, if you are having a great time getting fit and reaching your goals, then you are going to be telling people. It would almost be selfish to keep it to yourself!

We at LCCF want you to know that we appreciate your enthusiasm, and we have a program to reward what you will be doing anyway!

When any of your local friends in south orange county who are wanting to crossfit come in to Left Coast as a result of your recommendation, we will say thank you for that suggestion. When they sign up, you get a nice thank you in your bank account the following month. Check it out below!

It goes like this…
1. You love CrossFit – Check
2. You workout at Left Coast Crossfit – Check
3. You Refer a friend who signs up to train at LCCF- Check
4. You Get $50 off your next month – Double Check

Email Stephen@leftcoastcrossfit.com with the name of your referral.

Tim Brooks