Memorial Day 2018

This year was an incredible showing and energy for the Memorial Day Murph. Here are some of our LCCF family’s comments on what made it special to them. 

“Having not grown up with the military and the people who serve being as present and close to me as they are here in the US, having the community come together and reflect on why Memorial Day is a holiday at all, feels like an important insight into something I wouldn’t otherwise have gained an understanding of. To remind us to look around and be thankful for what we have and not take anything for granted.

The way in which LCCF facilitates Murph is world class with a powerful sense of strength, purpose, pride and togetherness. Making it so much more than just a workout with a name.” -Kristi Day

“Man, it was the sum of many parts for me; the Honor Bell, seeing all the commissioned weighted vests, the solidarity in the honor and respect everyone was holding and the number of active military and vets our community has. That microscopic view became a 20 thousand ft birdseye perspective encompassing time long before I arrived.
Personally, it brought me to a place of overwhelming thankfulness for the choice to risk it all for the hope of a better future. For the hope. Whoa. It begged me to question what will I offer with my blink in time and what do I want to leave behind.” -Brittany Marsh

“I loved the huge flags! there is so much division and negativity in our political culture & being a part of this community especially on Memorial Day, suffering together & being uplifted by this workout experience , makes me feel blessed to be born here in the USA with enough health & resources to be a part of this!” -Chrissy Seraj

“The active and past military presence that the LCCF community has is very meaningful. We are fortunate and thankful to each of you. Puts things in perspective and keeps us grounded. We all know someone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice and we should honor them more often. Thank you for doing so.” -Jon Rosenberg 

“This was my third Memorial Day Murph and all of them have been meaningful to me but this one really hit home with the words of Tim and the gentleman that followed him and by having all the current and past members of the military take a knee. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for those men and women, their families and the millions of other people they represent. LCCF did a great job on Monday!” -Elana Greer

“I feel very blessed to have experienced Murph here at #LeftCoastCrossFit. Uplifting others and helping them persevere through the pain was amazing. The bond of this family is strong and I’m truly blessed to be apart of it.” -Robert Buchanan

Tim Brooks