The 2017 Double Under Challenge

2017 Double Under Challenge


Hop into 2018 with the end of the year double under challenge. The challenge is 30 days of 5 minutes of double under practice. You will have from now until the new year to do it. Over the next couple of months we will be releasing videos and tutorials of things to do so you can work on your DU’s
1. Get them – There will be a drawing for those who get their first DU’s
2. Most improved – Set an honest number on day one if you don’t already have one, then retest on the last day. There will be a prize for most improved.
3. Max reps – This is simply the largest unbroken number in the gym.

There are only three things you have to worry about in double unders.
1. Posture/body position – Any deviation out of a good posture changes the way the rope moves and even shortens the rope, which in turn makes you have to change your position even more to get over the short rope and continues the downhill spiral of degraded movement and over work. After all, the mindset of double unders should be to recover between movements.

2. Jump – It is actually a bounding movement where you will jump your whole body in the air instead of just your legs tucking up or out in front.

3. Rhythm – A high jump single with a double flick in the air and you’ve got it. Think reggae or ska beat.

In your 5 minute daily practice here are some drills you can do help you along your way.
-relaxed singles – If you get super tense when you try double unders or even if you have them and your whole body tenses up, try calm high jump single unders.
-penguin jumps – If you have a hard time with the rhythm practice with high jumps while keeping the rhythm patting the side of your hips.
-towel rope work – If your arms start to get away from your side you can practice with a towel (or two wash cloths), under your armpits. Holding it under there forces you to keep your arms at your side. Start with singles, then move to doubles.
-jump touches – If you tuck your legs up in your jump or have a hard time keeping height in your jump practicing a continual bound while touching a high target (maybe a pullup bar), will help you fix that.
-metronome work – If you find you speed up your jump when going to doubles, you can use a metronome to keep your pace in the transition from singles to doubles.
-video yourself – Sometimes the way you think you are doing a movement is very different from how you are actually moving. A video of yourself can be very eye opening. Make sure to set up the video at either between a 10-11 o’clock position or between a 1-2 o’clock position. That will help you see the front and side angles.

Lastly, don’t get frustrated. If you start to, let it go for the day. Chances are good that if you are frustrated, you will not see any improvement. Maybe a better way to look at it is, HAVE FUN WITH THIS! We are blessed to be able to do this stuff and we can have fun with all of it, even the things we struggle with. Progress not perfection. Enjoy the process.

Tim Brooks