Why we pay for CrossFit


Our own habits, what CrossFit can provide in our lives and ultimately what becomes important to us all go into whether or not we see the real value.

#1 – We are already spending the money on things that do not enhance our lives. Think I’m full of it, let’s look at our bank statements and itemize the small extra expenses for the last 2 months and see how much money has bled out of our bank accounts recently. Think Starbucks, fast food, Netflix, Redbox, bars, clothes, etc…

#2 – Community – I’ve heard it said that this generation is “never alone but perpetually lonely.” This makes sense given our dependence upon technology as a relational substitute. We are too intimate with our technology and we suffer the loss of community without even realizing it. CrossFit returns this with the added benefit of getting fit and ripped in the process.

#3 – Effective programming – Your time isn’t wasted. Workouts are programmed for maximum result and you get the benefit of growing with the training. No more 45 minutes on a cardio machine then deciding not to lift weights so you can hit up the sauna (and don’t forget the Jamba Juice session sure to come). CrossFit is hard work and its effective for those who stick with it.

#4 – Coaching is key – CrossFit combines personal training into a group environment where you excel beyond where you thought possible. In the context of the value you get between the community, coaching, programming, and results…CrossFit is the best fitness bargain around. Working out in your living room or rocking cardio machines at 24hr can’t hold a candle to the experience you get at a good CrossFit box…even if it was free at the other places.

#5 – Prioritize your investments and put your resources into those things that produce the return you are looking for. Remaining unfit is far more costly than $150/ month membership.

Tim Brooks