You had me at "Challenge" week 3 - Lifestyle Challenge


I ate the donut. I shouldn’t have eaten the donut, but I did. I feel bad for eating the donut, but it tasted really good. We were celebrating my colleague’s success and the award she received, so it was a celebratory donut. Maybe if I drink enough water, it will flush itself out of me. I can’t believe I ate the donut.

3 weeks of working out, drinking water, not eating carbs.. and I mean legitimate carbs. Like no pasta, potato chips, pizza, bread…and somehow I ate the donut. It’s not the end of the world, I know that. But you can’t eat the donut and expect to win the prize at the end of a challenge. But it was only 1 donut. Oh, the guilt.

Because of this donut I realize my thought process has now changed. My eating habits are different. The amount of sleeping has increased, and an unthinkable amount of water has now been drunk. It’s amazing how a competition will get you to change what you have done in the past for something you want in the future. But these new eating habits have created success in other aspects in my life. My clothes fit better, I’m not as sore during the day, and overall feel a lot healthier. I don’t know how you really describe that, but not feeling sluggish and having more energy seem to be the cliche way. I’ve noticed that during my workouts I run faster, lift heavier, and accomplish more than I would have on my own. Being told to add 5 more pounds to the bar because it looked too easy is actually a compliment. So the real question begins… how do I maintain this after the challenge? How long does this “high” of healthy living last? I mean.. there will be days where you eat the donut, or the potato chips, or when the super cheesy macaroni and cheese is sitting in front of you, right? I’m thinking it’s going to be the willpower I didn’t think I had before. It’s the self-discipline I didn’t think I had prior to this challenge. It’s the planning ahead to not be in a situation where potato chips and super cheesy mac and cheese are your only option of food. It really is the lifestyle change the challenge was prepping you for.

Wow. Coach, I think your work is done. You’ve sent the message and it’s coming in loud and clear. I still have one more week, but it’s really dawning on me that if I want this to continue, it’s up to me to make it happen. I just need to keep showing up to work out, keep drinking the water, keep sleeping longer, and keep eating the right things. Can’t wait to see how this all wraps up next week.


Tim Brooks