Coach Brittany

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Growing up in Ohio, Brittany Marsh, lovingly referred to as “The Fit One” in her family, played a lot of sports. She ran track, played soccer, and learned how to swim from US Olympic Coach, Jerry Holtry. Both her parents are teachers, and her father coached baseball and soccer. So, it was only assumed natural when Brittany began coaching swimming herself, in high school. “I knew I loved championing others and still enjoyed coaching even though my sport preference changed.” Swimming and playing soccer through college, Brittany discovered she wanted to continue her athletics after graduation.

“After college, I played soccer, did triathlons, played softball, but nothing really stuck.” Finally, Brittany discovered CrossFit and something stuck. It took some wooing on CrossFit’s part though, to win Brittany over. “I had a love-hate relationship.  I was definitely NOT a natural. Everything was hard fought, and I ended up falling in love with the fact that I had worked hard for each new movement or benchmark. “ It was that challenge to herself that she found to be most endearing about CrossFit and the mental aspect of the sport has changed her. “I think what gets me most is how it confronted me, and anyone that spends some amount of time in it, with our thoughts on how we handle hard things.  The brain is a wild thing, and I love how people, myself included, start CrossFit to get fit, and realize there are so many more aspects to it.”

The multi-faceted aspect of CrossFit remains endearing for Brittany. She loves that coaching can help her continue to champion her athletes, helping someone get through that mental block, whether it be a handstand push up, rope climb, or double-unders. “The victory in getting someone to embrace that they CAN do something scary is so sweet!” It's no secret that Brittany has in mind for CrossFit, and for LCCF particularly. “I'd love to see even more women embrace CrossFit.  As a woman, I also love how it adds another perspective to our bodies.  I know I couldn't help but believe that what I looked like mattered most, now I also care about what my body can do. Having more to pull from for our self-esteem, that just being one of the many things to gather from, well, it's powerful.”