Coach Chaplin

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It is not too common to hear someone say their favorite workout is Murph, the grueling workout where you complete a one-mile run, 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, followed by a second one-mile run, for time, in a weighted vest. But Murph is the favorite workout of Left Coast CrossFit’s coach Timothy Chaplin. “I went to high school with LT Michael Murphy, the namesake of the Hero WOD, and it holds a special place in my heart.”  But the work ethic required of Murph is something that was instilled in Tim from a young age. Raised by his mother, whom he refers to as a Superhero, along with his siblings in Long Island, he spent every weekend working alongside his grandparents in the bar and grill they owned. “I did a little bit of everything, upkeep of the building, cleaning, cooking, and just learning to be an adult at a young age.”

At eighteen, looking for a challenge, Tim left home to join the Marines where he found the physical demands to be difficult. He trained hard, built relationships, and paid attention. “It was such an amazing experience. I stayed in for twenty years because of the love that Marines have for each other.” One day a group of Marines told him about this thing called CrossFit. “I thought they were nuts. They were in great shape, but man they did some workouts that were seemingly too intense for me since we were already training pretty hard.” Eventually, Tim decided to give it a try, “I thought, if they were in that great of shape, and getting stronger, then I wanted to get in.” The first WOD Tim completed with his fellow Marines was brutal, a mixture of running, thrusters, pull-ups, then more running. “I loved/hated it instantly.”

Soon enough, Tim was hooked, logging his own Murph time and mastering the snatch, his favorite lift.  “CrossFit works, and that is what really enamored me. That and the feeling in every workout that people genuinely care about each other's progress.” He found his way into coaching, which came naturally to him, wanting to replicate that feeling of community he had in the Marines. “I spent the majority of my career developing and coaching Marines in various skills, so coaching CrossFit became a great fit for me to help others outside the military as well.”  Tim began coaching at Oceanside CrossFit, as well as Ladera Ranch Strength and Conditioning before finding his home at Left Coast.

“CrossFit has helped me work hard and be humble in my work and personal life. Life is about working hard, staying grounded, and helping those around us be better. The community is such a fantastic reminder of what we can be like if we focus on bettering ourselves and those around us.” On top of coaching athletes to be their best, Tim also encourages the same when he’s outside of the gym, where he can be found shooting photographs and spending time with his “Little Brother” Colby. “He and I have been matched for almost three years through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and he is amazing.” Tim is found smiling at every class, with an open and honest nature, 100% sure that the important thing is to give back. “The most difficult part of coaching is keeping up with my fitness as well as being as available as possible. With the demands of life, it can all become a challenge in a 24-hour day.” But he does it, every day: Coaching at Left Coast, training, and working as the Director of Human Resources and Leadership with the Big Brother Big Sister organization. But what is most telling is when I asked Tim what his plan for the future is. “My immediate goals are to be the best coach, athlete, and human that I can.” In other words, a Superhero like his mother.