Coach Josh

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The first time Joel Thompson of CrossFit Tustin told Josh Miller he was made for CrossFit, it didn’t quite stick. Running another leg of a 200 mile Ragnar, Josh wondered why he was struggling. As a child growing up in the San Fernando Valley, he had gone on to Pierce College to play collegiate volleyball. Miller was young, fit, and regularly trained at his local 24 Hour Fitness where he tediously wrote his programming. He thought he had it all under control, and yet this Ragnar smoked him.

Sometime later Josh and his family moved to Visalia, an agricultural town just northeast of San Francisco. Once he discovered there were no 24 Hour Fitness gyms, he needed a Plan B. He remembered what an old friend’s sister told him once, imploring him to try CrossFit. This time, he listened.

While he got his feet on the ground in a new city, he opened his garage to his church’s youth organization, leading them in workouts on nights and weekends. Remembering what Joel Thompson said at that Ragnar, Josh reached out to him, working with him to open his first gym, CrossFit Visalia.

Josh found himself hooked on the functionality of CrossFit. “I like when I have those times when I come across something new or something I haven’t done in a while, and I have no doubt in my mind that I am physically prepared for it. Being physically and also mentally prepared for anything.” One of the things Josh is currently preparing for is the CrossFit Games.

When asked about his proudest fitness moment, he halts modestly. Instead, he lists a series of accomplishments that stood out for him: a 400# back squat, a 245# snatch, 320 consecutive double-unders, but he’s most proud of his continual growth towards getting to the games. “I wanted to place 100 places better each year in my region. I started out at 404 in the 2012 open and each year after went like this: 284, 218, 125, and 76.” Josh believes every small victory should be celebrated, and he does, celebrating each milestone achievement with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children; Joyful, Josiah, Jachai, and Jaye Grace. (Is this the right order and spelling?) But then, and quickly, Josh gets back to work as co-owner and coach at Left Coast CrossFit in Laguna Niguel, Ca.

“Mechanics, consistency, then intensity. That is the way I have tried to do CrossFit myself. I believe it has really built a strong foundation in my own movements and coaching.” He also has big plans for Left Coast CrossFit to incorporate nutritional coaching, more personal training, CF Kids, Endurance Programs, continuing with Left Coast’s Performance team, growing and giving back to a healthier community. Josh wants to get more people to not be intimidated by CrossFit, to break the cultural myth that everyone is already fit that comes to CrossFit. “They think everyone is already fit that comes here, that they need to get fit to start CrossFit. When actually the best way to get fit for CrossFit is CrossFit, scaled appropriately.”

It’s a tall order; a large, young family. Training for the games. Coaching and growing an already thriving community at Left Coast. Sometimes, after a twelve hour day spent coaching and training sometimes from 5 am to 8 pm, with kids and school functions in the middle, or a private session with a newcomer or a PR on his nemesis - hand stand push up’s - Jennifer will tease him that he thinks he can do anything. But when she asks him if it had been a bad day Josh never hesitates. Every time his answer is, “No. It was a hard day but it was a good day.”