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Your Intro to CrossFit 1-on-1 Session is a unique opportunity for you to experience the community-driven and supportive environment that is the hallmark of our CrossFit Gym Family. We have specifically designed these sessions to safely and effectively introduce you to CrossFit—it’s movements, methodology, workouts, and overall training philosophy—in a personalized and comfortable 1-on-1 environment with you and one of our expert CrossFit coaches. Our times and space are limited so sign up below to reserve your FREE Intro to CrossFit 1-on-1 Session!

At Left Coast CrossFit we are passionate about PEOPLE, about COMMUNITY, and about helping our members SUCCEED in ways they never thought possible. We are not your typical gym--and in a word, we are FAMILY. Every member is given the tools to succeed through proper training, diet planning, accountability and skill development in a small group class setting.

What is CrossFit?

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General Physical Preparedness (GPP)

CrossFit, by definition, is constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity. CrossFit employs various types of training modalities and methods in order to best prepare the athlete for any physical challenge or demand. This type of fitness is referred to as General Physical Preparedness (GPP) -- a physical capacity that is broad, general and inclusive. In CrossFit our specialty is not in specializing. We believe this unique type of training is foundational, or core, to all other athletic or practical life needs.

CrossFit Trains For Life

‘Sickness’ and ‘Fitness’ are nothing more than two ends on the same ‘Wellness’ spectrum. We have found that training under conditions that are always changing, along with developing competence at many different physical tasks and skills, produces a fitness that is broad, general and inclusive. We believe this unique type of training is foundational, or core, to all other athletic or practical life needs. At Left Coast CrossFit we teach proper technique and form in all lifts and movements, and encourage a lifestyle that puts a premium on nutrition and developing healthy habits. This is all done in a community that has the common goal of excelling together and inspiring each other to PR's (personal records) and a healthy vibrant lifestyle.


“How Do I Know if CrossFit Right For Me?”

Ask anyone who has ever tried CrossFit and the obvious overwhelming answer is "YES!". That being said, we all come from different backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses. We can't guarantee you will like it at first--but it will be good! If you want to get fit, there is nothing more effective than a smart, progressive, well planned CrossFit program. If you bring your effort and willingness to learn—we will help you progress farther than you ever dreamed possible. We believe ‘attitude is everything’ because no matter where you come from or what you are looking for, our program can be tailored and scaled to meet your individual needs.