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Our Mission


Put simply, our mission at Left Coast CrossFit is to build a healthy community. CrossFit is our vehicle to do this. Without the community and shared experience of suffering together, CrossFit would just be a great strength and conditioning program. The power lies in the community and the upward pull we experience when we see our fellow CrossFitter inspire us by their effort. A legendary CrossFitter named Chris Spealler said it best, "people love CrossFit because they see heart and soul on display." Our mission as a gym and as coaches is to display this character, coach our athletes to this point, and build lasting relationships as it happens.

We will teach you how to move safely and progress as an athlete in an appropriate manner. You will be pushed, it won't be easy, but it will be good. We agree with Greg Glassman (CF Founder) that the requirements of an olympic athlete and a grandparent differ in degree and not kind. A conditioning program and the movements performed to produce fitness are universally applicable when scaled properly. We train for GPP, or General Physical Preparedness, and we have found the CrossFit prescription of "constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity" is the best way to achieve that fitness.