Coach Ryan

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Ryan Belsito — sports performance and weightlifting COACH

Ryan Belsito grew up in Oxford, Massachusetts where he played all the sports growing up, starting with skateboarding, soccer, boxing, and rugby. His primary sport, though, was Track and Field. Ryan ran all through high school, a little in college, and some post-collegiate/ independent racing.

He began training in the weight room for track early in high school and has always focused on performance over aesthetics. After graduation, Ryan was planning on becoming an English teacher. But when the commercial gym he was training during college saw that he was doing things not typically seen in the average gym, they asked him to help develop a sports performance program. 

“I am admittedly not a great motivator as odd as that sounds coming from a coach. I just expect a lot out of people, which can probably be a downfall at times. However, that leads to my favorite part of coaching, when people exceed those expectations.”

Currently, Ryan competes in Weightlifting and Rugby on opposing seasons which, coupled with coaching, keeps him in the gym a lot. “I’m a creature of habit and also hyper-competitive, so luckily this isn’t really an issue for me, but I don’t know how that would change if I didn’t always have a competition to train for. I probably would just eat cookies for time if I didn’t have sports.”

Ryan’s favorite movement is sprinting. It’s his favorite to coach, perform, and he believes the most beneficial to the widest array of people. Ryan has ran a 4:42 mile and deadlifted 455 in the same year. He’s excited to be the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Left Coast CrossFit. “My immediate and long-term goals are to positively impact and grow the sporting culture in our community. I want more exposure and participation for all parties (young, old, crippled, animal, etc.) I’m also trying to buy a house so like come train with me and maybe next year you can get invited to sweet football Sunday barbeques!”