Coach Sara

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It’s telling to her nature that Left Coast CrossFit coach Sara Prucha, when asked what the most difficult part of coaching is, laughs. “The most difficult part is learning all your names. Sorry if I ask you four different times, there’s just so many of you!” It is that intensity to coach on a personal level that drives Sara. For most newcomers at Left Coast CrossFit Sara is their Foundations coach. “My favorite part of coaching is definitely seeing the progression of our athletes from when they started to where they are now. So many of our members inspire me by the strides they have made as athletes. It’s incredibly intimidating coming into a CrossFit gym for the first time doing foundations, and having it seem like everyone knows what they are doing but you. Being able to work through foundations with members, and then seeing them continue to come in daily and fall in love with the gym is probably one of my favorite things.”

Growing up in the Bay area, Sara experienced her own love of sports through High School. “I grew up playing every sport my parents could get me into. I ended up sticking with soccer and softball competitively through high school, but left my sports career behind me when I went off to college.” It was during college, home on break that a friend insisted Sara join her for a CrossFit class. “Although I had no prior background in weightlifting, I loved the competitive aspect of it, and I knew I would be hooked right away.” Everyone was very supportive of Sara’s instant devotion to CrossFit, with one exception. “They all know my competitive drive, and are supportive of me doing CrossFit. Except for my mom sometimes, because she’s worried I’m not going to be able to walk by the time I’m 40. Good thing we practice safe lifting at Left Coast.”

Now, Sara plans her days around getting into the gym, except if there’s a 2k row planned. “Good chance you won’t see me at the gym anytime that workout is programmed.” But she loves any day with double unders, hspu’s, and cleans. She enjoys the steady membership growth of Left Coast, and the increasing prevalence of CrossFit. “I know people always said CrossFit would become a stagnant sport, but I think LCCF is squashing that, as we are adding members daily it seems. I hope we can continue to grow and inspire new members while still keeping the tight knit community we have developed since day one.”

And it is that community that Sara strives to help thrive and grow, helping each member achieve small daily victories and grow as athletes. “I hope CrossFit continues to inspire athletes, and to motivate individuals to try something they never thought would be possible for them.” And she hopes the same for herself, too. “I don’t usually set goals for myself when it comes to CrossFit. I just try to hold myself accountable in being the best version of myself, and push myself every time I step into the gym.”